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Text Box: Internet-Women.net has been online since 1996 and has had many changes over the years, but one thing that hasnít changed is the designer and owner. 

Proud wife of a Retired Airman
Proud daughter of a Retired Marine
Proud sister of a Retired Airmen, & Army Soldiers, & Sailors
Proud great aunt of a Citadel Graduate 2009
Proud daughter of a World World II Veteran
Proud niece of Seaman, Airmen, Marines and Soldiers
Proud American of 
Seamen, Airmen, of Soldiers and Marines of every war this country ever fought.
Proud daughter of those Americans who fought and died for we Americans,
My Country's Liberty and Independence from Tyranny!
I was born to be a pioneer and revolutionist, defender of my country and my liberty.
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From the editor:
You can read and see more of our story and on our ostensibly slow progress at projectcloud69 blog. We are a long way from done building our new house. We started in November 2006 with raw land. 
I continue to work on the house with all the nifty ideas we have collected over the years as well as keep this site, Internet-Women.net more up to date with the present day happenings, news, and information. 

I also offer Marriage and or commitment ceremonies by appointment.
Coming soon: more info on Woodland Weddings.
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